Dental Days in Ukraine


“Traveling to another country for dental treatment and enjoying tourist activities at the same time.” This phrase basically defines Dental Days in Ukraine.
We understand that dental treatments are traditionally expensive services, especially in Western Europe or US. One of the possible solutions is dental tourism that becomes increasingly popular.
Our company specialize on the organization of dental holiday in Ukraine. We take care not only about your treatment but also about your stress-free and successful experience in medical tourism. We offer full logistic and organizing support starting from the first day of your stay. Our team aims to achieve the highest level of customer service and take care of you in the best way.

We care about:

Organization of dental treatment in highly experienced medical team

Pre-travel coordination

Advising and your personal medical curator during the entire treatment period

Organizing your stay in hotel or apartment

Logistic support starting from meeting in the airport

Organizing local tours in cultural capital of Ukraine

We believe your dental trip to Ukraine will be a great experience of combining dental treatment and holidays abroad. We do our best to make it simple and affordable for everyone.

Why Dental Days in Ukraine?

Affordable high-end dentistry

24/7 Logistic support

Individual dental treatment programme

Highly skilled doctors with large practical experience

Dental treatment and traveling abroad

English-speaking team

only 2 273 $(Our clinic)

instead of 8 175$(Your clinic)


  • Five implants Swiss

  • Professional hygiene

  • Osseous plastics

  • CBCT

Our prices


To make our dental services affordable we aim to deliver an unbeatable ratio in terms of quality / cost. We offer competitive prices, significantly lower than in Europe and the USA. Traveling with Dental Days in Ukraine our customers save up to 80% of the costs.

Service Our Price Germany Price Economy
Composite filling(from) 13$ 90$ 77$
Porcelain-fused-to-metal crown 100$ 420$ 320$
Crown milled “Zirkon Zahn” (molar) 200$ 490$ 290$
Tooth Whitening 80$ 540$ 460$
Resection of root apex with filling 190$ 840$ 650$
Implant Swiss 400$ 1060$ 660$
Root Canal Treatment 25$ 140$ 115$

Service Our Price UK Price Economy
Composite filling(from) 13$ 140$ 127$
Porcelain-fused-to-metal crown 100$ 380$ 290$
Crown milled “Zirkon Zahn” (molar) 200$ 1050$ 850$
Tooth Whitening 80$ 750$ 670$
Resection of root apex with filling 190$ 990$ 800$
Implant Swiss 400$ 1220$ 820$
Root Canal Treatment 25$ 325$ 300$

Service Our Price USA Price Economy
Composite filling(from) 13$ 165$ 152$
Porcelain-fused-to-metal crown 100$ 970$ 870$
Crown milled “Zirkon Zahn” (molar) 200$ 1080 880$
Tooth Whitening 80$ 900$ 820$
Resection of root apex with filling 190$ 1110$ 920$
Implant Swiss 400$ 1520$ 1120$
Root Canal Treatment 25$ 375$ 350$



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