The World’s 8 Best Destinations for Dental Tourism

The World’s 8 Best Destinations for Dental Tourism

If the costs of dental care keep you up at night and the looming procedures make you think of going broke, you are by no means alone in facing this situation. Globally, the dental care costs are rising. It’s no surprise then that for many people dental treatment turns into an expensive luxury.

In most cases, your health insurance may not cover all costs associated with dental care. Moreover, the costs of these procedures are often inflated in your home country rendering them unaffordable. So if you don’t want to spend a fortune but want to get real value for your money, it’s high time to search for viable alternatives abroad. Dental tourism is an excellent option to consider.

Check out these top global destinations for dental travel – in these places, you will not only get a high-quality dental treatment but will also meet a fascinating and vibrant local culture.


1. Spain

Spain may be best known for its wonderful centuries-old local culture, marvelous architecture and delicious cuisine, but these are not the only perks it has to offer. Going for dental holidays to Spain can become an amazing adventure.

Not least so because of the cost of the dental treatment in this country which has always been affordable. Today, Spain is struggling with economic problems of its own which further drives the prices down. The most prominent cities to consider as a dental treatment go-tos are Madrid and Barcelona.


2. Costa Rica

Exotic and serene nature, colonial architecture and affordable dental care – Costa Rica has a lot to offer. Conveniently located in close proximity to the US and Canada, it becomes a popular dental destination for many North Americans.

The best dental clinics are located in Costa Rica’s capital, San Jose. Local dentists speak English, having often been to the US themselves. Reward yourself for enduring the dental treatment with a tour of the country’s fabulous national parks and attractions.


3. Ukraine

Ukraine, and more specifically Lviv, are gaining more and more traction amongst foreigners as a global dental travel destination. A beautiful historic city founded in the beginning of the 13th century, Lviv is a gateway to Europe. Conveniently located, Lviv offers transport routes and flights to any other European destination.

More than 3 million people visit Lviv every year, a large part of them in search of high-quality dental services. The most reputable dentists offer significantly lower costs than you face in, say, the US. For example, the costs of certain dental procedures like implantation can soar up to $70,000 in the US whereas dentists in Lviv deliver excellent quality for a fraction of that price – for just $10,000. Oftentimes, dental clinics offer great discounts, for example a 3% for every next trip for family and friends.


4. Mexico

As a dental tourism destination, Mexico is particularly popular among Americans and Canadians. Three factors come into play here: high-quality dental treatment, low prices and short distance. It is a common situation to save up to 60% on a dental treatment in Mexico.

Mexico City, Cancun, San Miguel Allende and Los Cabos are the destinations to consider. Almost every local dentist speaks English and a great many of them have a US education. On top of that, Mexico is home to a unique local culture and fantastic climate, not to mention an exotic cuisine.


5. Thailand

Thailand is probably the most popular dental travel destination in Southeast Asia. It’s famous for dental cosmetics of all sorts. Bangkok and Phuket are definitely the options to take a closer look at.

With Thailand being one of the most popular tourism destinations in the world, Thai dentists speak English and can welcome international patients. Here, just like in Ukraine and Mexico, you can save up to 80% and more.

And to sweeten the pill of oftentimes unpleasant dental treatment, you’ve got a whole new exotic culture to explore. For most Europeans and North Americans, this culture is drastically different from what they are accustomed to, but nonetheless captivating to plunge into.


6. Hungary

Dental tourism in Europe is thriving. As well as Ukraine, Hungary offers some top-notch dental clinics to consider. These are mostly located in Budapest, the country’s fascinating capital and beautiful historic city. Budapest also happens to be a hugely popular tourist destination in Europe. All in all, a good reason to add this country to your list.


7. Indonesia

Another popular global tourist destination, Indonesia has recently started to welcome yet another tourist segment. Foreigners seeking more affordable dental care coupled with a good opportunity to spend their vacation find Indonesia an increasingly interesting option.

Most notably, Bali is emerging as one of the most promising dental destinations. You may already know it for an incredible massage techniques and facilities. Now, this location ticks another box: quality and affordable dental care.

Quite a list to choose from, right? Each of these best countries for dental tourism has a lot to offer and impress you with. Evaluate your options and pick a destination that works for you. Not only you are going to have an unforgettable vacation, you will also have some first-class professionals attend to your dental needs at a price that won’t leave you breathless.


8. India

Thailand’s close neighbor, India boasts some of the excellent dental facilities which attract many international visitors every year. For a Western citizen seeking professional dental assistance or dental implants abroad, the prices will be more than acceptable saving him up to 70% and more.

The most popular dental destinations in India are New Delhi, Goa, Mumbai and Kerala. In fact, India’s dental industry is growing by leaps and bounds and there is a huge number of local dentists to choose from.




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