Garantee Service

Our professional dentists do their best to make your treatment with excellent quality. As a rule, our patients don’t face with any warranty events. If there are any problems with the teeth after the treatment in our clinics, the warranty work is performed in all the clinics we cooperate with.

The guarantee does not cover expenses for travel and accommodation in our country.

The guarantee for implants (product) is valid only after the completion of all prosthetic prostheses.

Warranty Policy:
  • Restoration or composite restoration – 1 year
  • Crowns and bridges – 3 years
  • Veneers, inserts, covers – 2 years
  • Denture – 2 years
  • Implants (only product) – 5 years

Please be informed that:
  • Metal-ceramic constructions do not withstand shock load. So, if you have a cermet prosthesis, cracking of dry crusts, crackers and nuts, opening bottles, fishing line bites, threads, wires, packages, are not allowed.
  • One should be more careful if the dental structures include several teeth and do not allow you to control the load on each individual tooth, especially if the solid pieces fall into soft food.


Sometimes the guarantee can be canceled or partially canceled. There are some reasons for it:

  • Wrong oral hygiene (e. g. don’t use dental floss)
  • Ignoring the recommendations of the doctor (e. g. do not wear a protective mouth)
  • If the patient is not checked for preventive and oral hygiene at least twice a year
  • If the rules for partial or full maintenance of prostheses are not observed
  • With unregulated significant reduction in gum or bone level
  • In case of a sudden change in the weight of the patient.
  • Injury to the patient with possible damage to the teeth or prosthesis
  • The general negative state of health, for example, diabetes, osteoporosis, chemotherapy
  • Dysfunction and other diseases associated with the temporomandibular joint
  • The warranty does not apply to temporary structures (e. g. temporary crowns)
  • If the financial obligations are not fulfilled by the patient
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