Do your dentists speak English?

Of course. In each of our clinics there are English-speaking dentists, so do not worry about the connection.


How should I pay for the treatment?

You must pay for the treatment after each appointment of the dentist in the clinic. We accept both cash and credit cards.


Are there any additional costs?

Not at all. We charge only for the conducted treatment and there are no additional fees.


Is it worth to travel abroad for dental treatment?

You will be surprised how much you can save even including the flight and accommodation cost. Compare the prices of the dental treatment in Ukraine and check how much money you can save.


For how long should I stay in Lviv?

It depends on the required treatment. In case of simple procedures, like fillings, only one visit is necessary. However, more complicated treatments, like implants, require more visits and it is not recommended to travel directly after the procedure so you should book a few days stay in Ukraine.


What materials do the dentists in Ukraine use?

Materials used in our dental clinics in Ukraine are the same materials that are known worldwide and used the UK or Western Europe.


How should I organize my trip to Lviv?

Contact our consultant and let us know what is the most suitable time for your dental appointment. Once you have the appointment scheduled, book your flight and accommodation. If you have any problems with that, just ask our consultant for help.


Is there any quarantee of the treatment?

Our dental clinics in Kyiv provide high quality dental treatment in Ukraine, and take full responsibility for the treatment conducted by their dentists.

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